China and Far East 中国及远东

From 1992 to 2017, bilateral trade between China and Israel grew from USD 50 million to USD 13.1 billion. Today, China is Israel’s no. 1 trade partner in Asia and no. 3 trade partner in the world. In 2017, Chinese imports from Israel reached USD 4.2 billion, up 32% on the year before, while exports were USD 8.9 billion, 9% up on 2016.

Israeli companies taking their first steps in China, or even expanding their operations, demand a partner with an on-the-ground presence and real-time support, anytime and anywhere. Tadmor Levy & Co. is your partner.

Having established our Chinese Desk in 2007, among the first Israeli law firms to establish a presence in the People’s Republic of China, we have ensured a strong presence, maintaining a fully-staffed Chinese Desk, with dedicated attorneys both in Tel Aviv and Shanghai, the first choice of some of Israel’s largest entities currently operating in China.

In recent years, as China tries to benefit from Israel by investing in order to gain access to technology and learn from Israeli innovation practices, a growing number of both Chinese state-owned companies and private corporations have chosen Tadmor Levy & Co. to represent them in Israel. Whether in setting up their operations in Israel or acquiring and investing in Israeli companies, our firm provides our Chinese clients with comprehensive, one-stop-shop legal services. Most recently, we acted for a large publicly-listed Chinese laser company in the acquisition of an Israeli hi-tech company.

More than 1,000 Israeli companies are now doing business in China, and many of them are specifically tailoring their products to the Chinese market. Israel is also now a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) - a multinational consortium aimed at making China as powerful a global financial player as the United States.

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