07.01.20 | Annual Environment 2050 Conference

January 7th 2020

The Environment 2050 Conference is the leading conference in the field. The conference leads the current environmental discourse and brings together the factors, policymakers and environmental stakeholders that influence the Israeli economy and its quality of life. Each year, the conference proves to be a key strategic factor, which encourages debate, leads processes and helps formulate policy.

Click here for more information on the event and registration.

Furthermore, this year Tadmor Levy is hosting its first start-up competition. Themed "From Linear to Circular: Green Innovation", our competition aims to boost sustainable, green entrepreneurship from AgriTech and CleanTech across EnergyTech, FoodTech, PropTech and WaterTech. We are looking for startups that demonstrate product innovation, commercial viability, and sustainability throughout the supply-chain by pioneering new products and technologies.

"Linear to Circular" focuses on innovation that challenges the status quo of production, consumerism, and environmental awareness. These include, but are not limited to:

      • Food-waste innovation
      • Construction solutions
      • Precision farming
      • Packaging reinvention
      • Supply-chain transparency
      • Minimizing electronic waste
      • Upcycling
      • Solutions that create raw chemicals for fuel-efficient manufacturing

The three finalists, and the winning startup, will be unveiled on 7 January 2020, during the "Environment 2050 Conference". The finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their concept to 1,200 conference participants, including representatives from:

      • The Israel Innovation Authority
      • The European Union
      • Government ministries (e.g. Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Transportation)
      • Tech companies and many more

Registration and participation are free of charge.

For queries or questions, please contact marketing@tadmor-levy.com or click here to register for the competition.

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