A Couple of Tips for the Next Minister of Construction & Housing

March 2nd 2015

Democracy leaves no room for lone wovles, even if you're a media star. Not with elections around the corner and a new government waiting in the wings.

What will the new Minister of Construction & Housing find in the files in his office? VAT at 0%, target price tenders, affordable housing, rental properties, urban renewal projects, Tama-38 projects (National Outline Plan), national housing committees, evacuation of army bases, 'roof' agreements with the local authorities, planning and construction reforms, levies on empty apartments, late delivery levies, and rates that will continue to rise in 2014.

There are a lot of plans and a lot of names, yet not many achievements. What words of wisdom do we have for the next Minister of Construction & Housing?

Click here for the full article (in Hebrew).

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