Globes | Will law-tech make lawyers redundant?

October 27th 2021

Legal-tech, which includes technological developments for traditional tasks performed by lawyers, has been gaining ground in the past few years. Various software programs streamline legal work and save on monotonous drudgery, which prevents wasting precious time and expensive resources.

Use of software for the traditional work of lawyers lets firms cut their work force. Adv. Yaniv Aronowich co-head of Tadmor Levy & Co. cross-border and domestic M&A group said, "There is no substitute for human material. Automation frees up lawyers for core work, and so it's important to invest in this. My added value as a lawyer is in doing the sophisticated things. You earn more from this than formulating a confidential agreement. You can take better quality human resources and invest it in more complex and profitable task for the firm."

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