Tadmor Levy Petitions Court on Behalf of Migrant-Worker Children

August 26th 2019

This week, Tadmor Levy & Co. petitioned the High Court of Justice (HCJ 5544/19) on behalf of three daughters of migrant workers, in an effort to prevent their imminent arrest and subsequent deportation from Israel.

It has been the government’s long-standing policy not to deport children of migrant parents and their families, if the children were born in Israel or have lived here since infancy, and if they speak Hebrew and study in Israeli schools.

There has recently been a paradigm shift of policy by the Immigration Authority, which is now forcefully entering the homes of school-age, migrant children and their families, making arrests and seeking immediate deportation.

We filed our petition with the Supreme Court objecting the policy change, most notably given the proximity to the upcoming, repeat elections in September.

Justice Neil Handel ordered the Immigration Authority to respond to the petition within 7 days.

“Children, who have done no wrong, must be allowed to remain in the only country they have ever called home,” wrote Dr. David Tadmor, who is leading a team of litigators working on this pro-bono case. “Their deportation would be illegal; it would also contradict basic values of Judaism, morality and democracy.”

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