Amendment to The Companies Regulations Permits Filing of Articles of Association in English (with Hebrew Convenience Translation)

Dear colleagues and friends,

Until now, submissions to the ROC were required to be in Hebrew.
A recent amendment to the Israeli Companies Regulations (Reporting Particulars of Registration and Forms) – 1999 (the “Regulations”) permits filing of certain documents with the Israeli Registrar of Companies (the “ROC”) in English.
Following this amendment (which is to become effective on 29 April 2016), companies (other than “Public Benefit Companies”) will be allowed to file their articles of association and other documents relating to registration of liens and pledges, in English.
A company that chooses to file documents in English must enclose a Hebrew convenience translation, accompanied by the company’s approval of the adequacy of the translation. According to the amendment, the convenience translation merely serves as a tool for ease of understanding of the English document, and the purveyor of the document should rely on the English version (subject to certain exclusions). A convenience translation that is filed with the ROC must include a noticeable statement to such effect.

This publication provides general information and should not be used or taken as legal advice for specific situations, which depend on the evaluation of precise factual circumstances.

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