The Largest Merger Between Non-profit Entities

Our firm handled the merger between The Israel's major soldiers' wellbeing organization and its fully owned subsidiary.

Our firm handled the merger between The Israel’s major soldiers’ wellbeing organization, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Israel, and its fully owned subsidiary – a company for the benefit of the public which manages all canteens and selling spots in military bases state-wide. This was of the first merger in Israel where a company for the benefit of the public was merged into a non-profit organization. The difference in the corporate types and structure as well and the character of the two entities required attention on numerous issues both from an internal corporate perspective as well as in connection with various governmental agencies. Our firm handled the merger in all of its stages and facets, from preparing the merger agreement, taking all necessary action for the merger and obtaining all necessary internal approvals of the entities; dealing with various third parties, including donors and creditors while cooperating with the entities’ accountants in order to deal with the financial aspects of the merger; to handing the procedures with the Registrar of Associations, the Registrar of Registrar of Endowments and having the merger approved by the District Court.
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