Gali joined the firm as of counsel, after serving as Tel Aviv District Attorney (civil affairs) for a full eight-year term.  During her tenure, the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office was the largest in the country. Gali was responsible for managing the State’s civil proceedings in the Tel Aviv District and the Central District (and in some fields, in the entire country), and led a team of 130 lawyers and 50 interns in 7 departments; civil/commercial, real estate, administrative affairs, labor disputes, defense and disability claims, torts and fiscal.

Between 2001-2006, Gali served as head of the Administrative Affairs Department in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, which she established in 2001. In that vein Gali represented the State and its authorities in various fields, including government tenders and contracts, freedom of information, planning and construction and class actions.

During her years at the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, Gali specialized in complex, highly sensitive civil disputes, which involved a number of legal disciplines. Gali has many years of experience, widespread professional connections and a deep acquaintance with the regulatory and statutory authorities.

In addition, Gali was a member of the Administrative Courts Committee, the Civil Procedures Committee (appointed by the Minister of Justice) and is now a member of the Administrative Tribunals Committee, and was appointed by the Minister of the Interior to head the committee examining appointment of directors in municipal corporations.

Gali was an adjunct professor at the Tel Aviv University School of Law (administrative procedures and law of guarantee) and served as teaching assistant for Contracts for Prof. D. Friedman and Prof. M. Mautner.


Tel Aviv University LLM
Tel Aviv University LLB (summa cum laude)


1985 Israel

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